The importance of planning for December holidays

THE IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING FOR DECEMBER HOLIDAYS When was the last time you went on holiday, and left work at the office? This becomes even more important over the December holidays when traditionally it is a time to reconnect with family and friends. No one wants to be called by their accountant, or customers and […]

Going Concern and Liquidity and Solvency

Going Concern and Liquidity and Solvency Let’s be honest, most business owners have no idea what the title of this blog even means! If you’re one of those business owners, it’s a good idea to start taking these strange words seriously. They’re not that difficult to understand, so if you ready to get on top […]

The PI-Score

What is the PI-Score? The PI-Score or Public Interest Score is a score that every company and close corporation should calculate annually, before compiling annual financial statements. This score determines how annual financial statements should be compiled, and if a standard compilation is sufficient, or if an external review or audit is required. The PI-Score […]

Medical aid tax credits and keeping up to date with changes

What is a medical aid tax credit? Medical aid tax credit is a rebate from SARS that results in a reduction of calculated tax for main members of medical aid. If you are the main member of a medical aid scheme you will receive this credit, which accrues on a monthly basis based on the […]

Exporting from South Africa

So, you want to export your products? If you’re in the business of making and selling products (or traditionally called manufacturing) then it may be in your plan to one day export your product across South Africa’s borders. Sales in South Africa could at any time run dry or be put under pressure, so it’s […]

Sage One Review

We’ve had a look at Xero and Quickbooks, so now we move onto Sage One. All things Sage One:  Sage One states “Sage is the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems, supporting the ambition of the world’s entrepreneurs.” And this is true, they have a fully integrated payroll and payment system, unlike […]

Quickbooks Review

Last week we had a look at Xero, and now onto the biggest accounting software provider… All things Quickbooks Quickbooks states “Do the work you love, and we’ll handle the rest” – and mostly we agree.  Quickbooks has focused on trying to reduce user’s admin, as well as easy to read and accessible information. Quickbooks […]

Xero Review

Last week we had a look at the benefits of using Cloud Accounting software and the options that are available to users. Over the next 3 posts, we’ll be looking at the packages individually so that users can decide between which pros and cons they can live with, and which pros and cons they can’t… […]

What is Cloud Accounting?

Last week we had a look at why we believe small businesses in South Africa should use Cloud Accounting software. When chatting to new clients about moving to the Cloud, we are asked about the specific benefits and options that are available to them. Which Cloud accounting software is available in South Africa? Currently in […]

Why Cloud Accounting?

Where are we as South African small business owners in terms of the software we are using… It’s amazing how advanced we are in South Africa when it comes to some things, and then how far behind the rest of the world we are in other things. Our doctors are considered to be some of […]