We are accountants

But we are also so much more than that


Chief Exec (or so she thinks) – She makes all the important decisions (or so she thinks).

– Water pistol shooting: 2/5
– Causing trouble out of the office: 5/5
– Talking on the phone: 5/5
– Arriving at the office on time: 1/5
– Ability to affect laptop working capabilities: 4/5


Company gatecrasher… 2IC (The real Chief Exec) – She makes all the important decisions happen (with Original Chief Exec input).

-Office Woofer training: 1/5
-Wine Friday appreciation: 4/5
-Desk tidiness: 2/5
-Continual office system changes/improvements: 5/5
-Finding processing errors: 5/5


Our payroll and checklist specialist, she makes sure compliance things get done.

-List writing ability: 5/5
-Contributing to office noise: 2/5
-Scrap paper-sharing: 5/5
-Baking for the office: 1/5
-Office radio oversight: 4/5


Our outsourced bookkeeper, with plans to become a CA (SA)

-Pacifying skills: 5/5
-Office Woofer appreciation: 2/5
-Treating bosses: 5/5
-Conventional car interest: 1/5
-Airtime maximisation: 4/5

Office Woofer 1 - Bendigo

Best thug beagle boy we know (also a SA champion show dog).

-Not jumping on visitors: 1/5
-Stealing capabilities 5/5
-Suntanning: 4/5
-Sharing office woofer bed: 2/5
-(Unwanted) Attendance at meetings: 5/5

Office Woofer 2 - Madision

Extremely mad but beautiful choc lab (thinks she’s a beagle).

-Calmness around visitors: 1/5
-Hometime alertness: 4/5
-Playing with the staff: 5/5
-Resisting urge to inspect countertops: 2/5
-Posing for office photos: 5/5

Office Woofer 3 - Bella

Currently undergoing training from the mad but beautiful choc lab (thinks she’s a choc lab).

-Occupation of other staff member chairs: 5/5
-Ability to remain calm when Office Woofer 2 is not in sight: 1/5
-Desk inspection skills: 5/5
-Providing of attention to other staff members: 4/5
-Ball skills: 2/5

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