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The Accounting Company cares about much more than ensuring that your books balance out. Yet, as focussed as we are on the bigger picture, it’s in the details that you come to experience financial independence that sets you up for more. Taking a full-scope approach to your financial needs, we offer the following value:

Financial consulting

With a strong financial plan in place you know that you are building towards both the short-term and long-term future. We help you put the structures and systems in place to create a financial ecosystem that makes independence and automation that much simpler.

Cloud infrastructure

Our dedicated team is deadline driven to ensure that you meet your compliance responsibilities well ahead of time and give you honest reporting that pinpoint your financial strengths and weaknesses.


Every business owner deserves a dedicated financial partner who not only understands their unique needs, but also provides them with an always-on direct communication channel for their convenience.

Training and Assistance

Get all the help you need to make the most of your finances, including set up of infrastructure and software to optimise your business. We’ll mentor you to ensure you keep making better and better financial decisions.

peace of mind

Make sure that your tax and general compliance matters, annual financial statements, annual CIPC returns, and reports are submitted on time.

Discover our deliverables in more detail


The Accounting Company does accounting properly. Our accountants and bookkeepers have been trained extensively to ensure that the quality of your information is top-notch and available timeously.
Payroll preparation requires critical individual tax insight and understanding. The Accounting Company ensures that your payroll is compliant and your employees’ payroll taxes are taken care of.
Every active business is required to prepare a set of annual financial statements. We prepare your financials according to law and international accounting standards.
Tax can be a burdensome task that shouldn’t be tackled yourself, as constant amendments often complicate matters. The Accounting Company has a qualified tax team that will guide you and your business through the ins and outs of SARS compliance
The Accounting Company has an in-house statutory department that handles all statutory submissions, including company registration and deregistration.
Internal processes are critical to any serious business operation. Then there’s internal processes that work according to your needs. The Accounting Company can assist you in implementing, documenting and monitoring your business internal processes.
The Accounting Company has specialised in the process relating to South Africans who wish to financially emigrate. This is a technical area of tax and we have the expertise to handle your financial emigration for you.


Our business experience enables us to assist businesses with both short-term and long-term financial planning as required.
You will have access to a team led by CA(SA)s who have over 50 years of combined business experience. Your own CFO lead accounting department will keep your finances on track and in hand.
Knowing how your software packages work is of utmost importance. The Accounting Company offers full training and support for our cloud accounting software (Xero) and related apps.
There is a process that needs to be followed when it’s time to financially say good-bye to South Africa. If it’s not followed, you may still be considered to be a tax resident. We’ll help you get it done right, so you can relax and leave SARS behind you.

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